How Are LiteCast lights priced?
We produce the best priced and versatile shadow casting lamps on the market. Our products are not mass manufactured. Instead, each lamp is 3d printed per order for about 35 hours at our shop in Canada. Each shade pattern is hand sanded multiple times to produce the best finish and wired with high quality components to produce the most ideal effect possible.

Assemble yourself?
The table top and pendant base types require about 2 minutes of assemble before use. However, the pendant version also has to be connected to the electrical power box in the ceiling. All assembly and installation instructions are included and easy to follow.

What bulbs do i receive?
All Lamp Kits include two light bulbs (50W-800 lumens and a 20W-250 lumens).

Do you offer return or refunds?
We do not offer refunds as everything is limited edition artwork and made to order. If any component arrives damaged during shipping, send it back to us within 7 days for a replacement.

Do you ship internationally? 
We currently ship to US and Canada only.

Do you do custom designs?
Please email us with your unique Shade Pattern or Decko Disc Ideas. We'll be happy to give you a quote based on the amount of 3D design time required.

Can the Lamp be ordered in different colors?
Currently only offered in white since it provides the most consistent and estheticaly pleasing product. We also provide painting tips for those who like a DIY project to costumize their lmaps with new looks and shadow effects. We are in the process of testing a glow in the dark material which is an offwhite color and glows green or blue.

What are the materials?
All components are 3D printed in PLA.

Can I use the lights outside?
Our fixtures are rated for indoor use.

What thread type does the bulbs use?
A bi-pin socket typically used with 12V halogen lights.

Can I use any bulb in the lights?
No. All our lamps are designed specifically to cast shadow with the sharpest crispest edges possible. For this purpose we include 12V / 50W & 20W bi-pin halogen Philips light bulbs which are also easily available in most hardware stores.

Are these light bulbs dimmable?
Yes, however because of how halogen light bulbs work they should not be kept in a dimmed state as it may reduce the life of the light bulb. After few hours of operation in dimmed mode, bulb should be run at maximum output for a few minutes to restore its health.

Can I use this lamp in countries which use 220V receptacles?
No. Currently only 120V Power Transformers are supplied.