Our Lamps...

At LiteCast, we believe your living space can be absolutely beautiful in a completely new and unique way. We stand by the quality of our outstanding product design and hope you will enjoy the elegant shadows our lamp can create for your living space.

Inspired by different shadow casting lamps on the market, but with an emphasis on being much more affordable, with the added value of being modular and customizable. Each lamp can be easily modified to produce a completely unique effect by simply swapping the Shade Pattern for another. That’s right, once you have a Lamp Kit, there’s no need to buy another as additional Shade Patters are interchangeable at a fraction of the price!

As we grow in our sales and experience, we will continue to develop new designs that we hope everyone will love. Please check back with us to see updates of our new and exciting products that we will have in the future.

Why buy a LiteCast Lamp?
Because you want something completely unique... something no one else has... something that is absolutely stunning and beautiful. It is manufactured specifically for you. Each lamp is an individual customized order. This product is not available in any retail store. You have found a special, new product that is sure to impress you and your guests.

What can I do with a LiteCast Lamp?
Each fixture can be either a table lamp, or a hanging pendant. You can also change the shadow patterns being cast without any tools at all! Simply unscrew one shade pattern and screw a new one on. Yes, it really is that simple!

How do I choose?
In the LAMP KIT section, first choose your desired shade pattern, then the base design and lastly your disc patterns.  After that we build your order and ship it to you.